Vegetable & Essential Oils, Cohobats

Welcome to our pages of active ingredients and additives for cosmetics.

  • Derivatives for Vitamines A, B, C with high stability and activity for whitening, anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, etc…
  • Plant extracts and Licorice extracted and derivatives as anti-inflammation, strong whitenings, ceramide synthesis boosting, collagen booster, etc…
  • Antimicrobials – which allows the formulating without parabens.
  • Large list of Powder products.
  • Emulsifiers – liquid crystal or gel structure networm and many others.

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Product NameINCI nameCharacteristicsCharacteristics
Angelica CohobatAngelica archangelica L.Soothing, astringent, antisepticcohobat
Avellina Chile VirginGevuina avellanaAnti-oxidant; a natural solar protector of UVA and UVB raysoil
Baobab Rafined Adansonia DigitataAnti-wrinkles ; improve the skin elasticity;restructi9ngoil
Baobab Virgin Adansonia DigitataAnti-wrinkles ; improve the skin elasticity;restructingoil
Barbarie Figs anti-wrinkle; skin firmnessoil
Blackcurrant seedRibes NigrumRevitalizing;anti-wrinkleoil
BorageBorrago OfficinalisEmollient ; Regeneratingoil
Cornflower Aromatic waters Centaurea Cyanus L.Tonifiant; astringentwaters
Cornflower CohobatCentaurea CyanusAstringentcohobat
Cranberry Seed OilVaccinium Macrocarpon (Cranberry) Seed OilIdeally balanced omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids (EFAs) ; powerful anti-oxidantoil
Elder CohobatSoftening;lenitive;Emollientcohobat
Evening Primrose Oil Oenothera BiennisMoisturizing; anti-wrinkleoil
Grape Seed OilVitis ViniferaRegenerating ; restructuringoil
Green Tee Oil Camelia sinensis>80% unsaturated fatty acids;anti-oxidant;restructuring;anti-aging;non oily touchoil
Inca Inchi OilPlukenetia volubilis linneoRestructurating ; calming ; anti-oxidant ; total contain of unsaturated oils over 90%oil
Kukui NutAleurites Moluccana seedTriglyceride;main components are linoleic acid and linolenic acidoil
Linden CohobatSoftening;lenitivecohobat
Macadamia NutMacadamia Ternifolia seedTriglyceride;high content of palmitoleic acid;leaves a velvety finish on the skinoil
Meadowfoam OilLimnanthes Alba (Meadowfoam) Seed OilTriglyceride ; contains more than 95% unsaturated fatty acids ; provides thickness and body to creams and lotions ; non-oil feeloil
Olive SqulaneSqualaneHydrogenated squalene from olive;plant origin;good spreadability and lubricity;superior stabilityoil
Orange Blossom CohobatCitrus AmaraDermopurifyingcohobat
Papaya seed Carica PapayaEmollient ; anti-radicalaire;free-radical scavenger;restructuring;non oily touchoil
Perilla Oil Perilla frutescens L.>60% omega 3;restructuring; moisturizing;ideal for irritated skin; non oily touchoil
Raspberry seedRubus idaeusAnti-ageing ; protectantoil
Rose Cohobat Rosa CentifoliaSoftening, astringentcohobat
Witch Hazel Aromatic waters Hamamelis VirginianaAstringentwaters
ODM 100Octyldodecyl Myristate
Non-oily feel; low congealling point; low viscosity;hydrolysis and oxidation stability
Selachyl Alcohol V
Oleyl Glyceryl Ether
High moisturization property
Squalane Olive
Trifat S 308
Superior oxidation and hydrolysis stability compared to natural oils; light feel