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Vitamine Derivatives

Welcome to our pages of active ingredients and additives for cosmetics.

  • Derivatives for Vitamines A, B, C with high stability and activity for whitening, anti-aging, anti-wrinkles, etc…
  • Plant extracts and Licorice extracted and derivatives as anti-inflammation, strong whitenings, ceramide synthesis boosting, collagen booster, etc…
  • Antimicrobials – which allows the formulating without parabens.
  • Large list of Powder products.
  • Emulsifiers – liquid crystal or gel structure networm and many others.


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Product NameINCI nameCharacteristics
Nikkol VCE3-O-Cetyl Ascorbic AcidOil-soluble vitamin C derivative.Improves quality and structural properties of collagen in skin.Helps to organize collagen fibers in perfect bundles.Boosts collagen type I synthesis
Nikkol CPAscorbyl DipalmitateOil soluble vitamin C derivative ; whitening agent ; promotes collagen synthesis.
Nikkol DKPyridoxine DicaprylateOil soluble vitamin B6 derivative with improved percutaneous absorption and stability; effective for acne, rough skin, dandruff and sunburn.
Nikkol DPPyridoxine DipalmitateOil soluble vitamin B6 derivative with improved percutaneous absorption and stability; effective for acne, rough skin, dandruff and sunburn.
Nikkol Mixed Tocotrienols 92TocotrienolsA strong  anti-oxidant ; inhibits inflammatory reactions induced by UV ; prevents pigmentation of skin ; shows wrinkle improvement effect.
Nikkol Retinol H10Hydrogenated retinol in Caprylic/capric triglyceride solutionRemarkably oxydative-, photo- , heat stable; promotes hyaluronic acid synthesis in skin; anti-aging effective.
Nikkol Tocoretinate-10Tocopheryl Retinoate Caprylic/Capric Triglceride10% of an ester of retinoic acid and natural vitamin E in caprylic/capric triglyceride solution; reduces skin wrinkles and promotes collagen synthesis;efficient anti-oxidant ; safe and stable
Nikkol VB6-IPPyridoxine Tris- HexyldecanoateOil-soluble liquid ester of vitamin B6; strong natural moisturizing; promotes production of filaggrin and NMF synthesis in skin;extremely stable against heat and oxidation; high skin penetration;
Nikkol VC-IPAscorbyl TetraisopalmitateOil-soluble vitamin C derivative; superior percutaneous absorption; inhibits activity of intracellular tyrosinase and melanogenesis(whitening); reduces UV-induced cell/DNA damage(UV protection / Anti-stress); prevents lipid peroxidation and skin aging(anti-oxidant); SOD-like activity(anti-oxidant); collagen synthesis and collagen protection(anti-aging); strong antiacne activity; heat and oxidation stable.
Nikkol VC-PMGMagnesium Ascorbyl PhosphateWater soluble vitamin C derivative with superior percutaneous absorption and stability; whitening  agent, promotes collagen synthesis.
Nikkol VC-SSDisodium Ascorbyl SulfateWater soluble vitamin C derivative with superior stability.